Meet Annie: An 88-Year-Old Mom/Grandmother Reveals the #1 Fitness Tip!

Earlier this spring, I befriended Annie S. at the gym. She is a regular, and I often catch her on the treadmill on my way in.

We finally got a chance to chat, and got to know a little more about this sweet lady. At 88 years young, yes, that's right 88 folks, Annie strength trains and walks on the treadmill on a regular basis. She has been committed to her diet and fitness regiment almost all her life.

Smiling she shared, “You have to work on it everyday, you will just fade away!”

Though many of Annie‘s friends have passed, including her husband several years ago, she remains close to her family, connected with her church, and stays happily busy in our community. She even drives herself to the gym! Doesn’t she look fantastic?

**Lesson—she is a reminder of what we have to do TODAY to keep our independence and resilience for the future.