Healthy Holidays Presentation
9:30 am09:30

Healthy Holidays Presentation

  • La Madeline

The holidays can both be a joyful and stressful time for many!  It can also be a time where indulgence is quite common as the season to "eat, drink, and be merry" is in full effect leading to seasonal weight gain. Learn to stay healthy mind, body, and spirit during the holiday season with a special panel presentation featuring:

1) Founder of Momma Strong, Courney Wyckoff

2) Psychotherapist and Family Expert Dr. Kelly Watts

3) Nutritionist/Owner of Milk and Honey Nutrition, Mary Ellen Phipps, (R.D)

4) Healthy Moms for Life Co-Founder Kim Jones, LPC, Center for Postpartum Family Health.  

In the presentation we will talk about keeping healthy with 1) Fitness 2) Family and Relationships 2) Nutrition and 3) Self-care Practices for Wellness that will keep you positive, engaged, and feeling renewed and invigorated during this special season.  

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99 Ranch Asian Grocery Tour
9:30 am09:30

99 Ranch Asian Grocery Tour

  • 99 Ranch Market

Hi Ladies! Come join us we peruse the aisles of one of the largest Asian supermarkets in Houston. Cuc Lam, local food writer with Houston Press, food blogger of JustCucit, and pop-up chef specializing in Asian cuisine will lead the way! 99 Ranch Market is home to Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese and Thai dry goods, sauces, canned goods and a beautiful selection of produce and vegetables. Also inside the complex is a fresh fish and meat counter with staff who will slice and prep your proteins. After touring the Market, we will wander through the restaurants and food stands inside the food center and sample exotic foods that you'd most likely never try on your own. Let's be adventurous together!